Custom Greeting Cards

Every time I receive a greeting card in the regular old ‘snail mail’, I feel the sender’s loving & thoughtful energies.  This age old art of brightening someone’s day by sending a greeting card sharing how much I care has seemingly fallen by the wayside as our lives grow increasingly more hectic & technologically infused.

I also find that the greeting card selections in many stores are boring, generic, lack sentiment &/or are vastly underwhelming.  The checkout lines always seem way too long & specialty greeting card stores are either super over-priced or pretty distant.

Let’s bring this thoughtful act of kindness, admiration & love back! Let’s work together to create custom greeting cards for those special someones – relatives, friends, neighbors, teachers,  strangers & all of those loved ones in between! One of the best parts about it all is: YOU DO NOT EVEN HAVE TO LEAVE THE COMFORTS OF YOUR OWN HOME!

I love sharing smiles & one of my truest passions is writing from the heart.

Each greeting card is custom made & you are able to help create the message within.

  • I will write a personal poem for the occasion using the information that you provide; (Examples: significant dates, favorite colors, stories, memories, sentiments, inside jokes, etc. will all be used to create your special someone’s custom poem.) Please concisely e-mail relevant details & the mailing address by completing the “Special Order Instructions/Notes” below.
  • I will e-mail photos & the content prior to completing the final product.
  • Time-frame – Please allow 7-10 business days (inclusive of the 2-4 business day standard for USPS First-Class Postal Mail delivery).
  • Inventory varies & I am always replenishing my blank greeting card stock. The cards are full color & typically have: flowers, abstract shapes, or animals on the front cover.

Peace, Love & Light!



Custom Greeting Card

-Sample: Mother’s Day 2018 Card – (Custom created for: My Very Own Mom) -Price includes shipping -Please complete “Special Order Instructions/Notes” below





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